credit to : Jaehyun

uwh,domo..ur so cute! i wish i got one..

hee,dont u think tht domo is so cute

n adorable? juz like my JUSTIN BIEBER are..whee~

i hope one of my frends wil giv it to me as a

present for my bufday..

ermm,it is way too impossible lar,haha!

yurp,i thought if oine of them giv domo for

my bufday,i think she must had been in a

totally bad dream last nyte until she can giv

the most wanted bufday present to me,..

well,sometimes it make sense..derr,juz dreaming

bout that,n i'm sure i'll nvr get it on my bufday..

hmm,by that i stil hve to buy it for myself..

juz like always.. :)