credit to : Jaehyun

u knw wht,act i got a lot of dreams in my life,

evryday,evry hour,evry minute n evry second,

i juz hope,hope n keep on hoping tht both of

my parents wil stay alive longer than me,

n i also hope tht i wil die before them,coz

truly,i cant imagine myself my life without them..

they r my hope,my destiny,my happiness n my

true love after ALLAH..

i dun hve a boyfiee like u guys,coz i knw tht my true

love is to ALLAH n my parents..but not to him..

i realize tht without them,my dream wil nvr come true n

it wil be so hard to survive on this earth..

but,i alwys think tht how does the orphan survive

without their parents?

n i had read on the newspaper tht a lot of orphan success in

their life..

err,there's alwys something tht can be explain by tht..

i knw i'm not a gud daughter to them,n i'm not like wht

they alwys wanted too,but i'm juz me n i am wht i am..

my family knws tht,they knw who is NUR SYAMIMI ZAMZURI,

wht type is she n how does she plan her life..

they nvr forget tht,i bet..

so the thing here is,as a daughter or neither as a son,

we should thankful to god for wht have we got now,we should

alwys be a responsible daughter/son,giv our love to our

parents&family,n listen to wht they said coz it is for our

own gud n not anyone else..

lastly,u should started to love ur parents by now,

then u wil not regret..:)