credit to : Jaehyun

Gosh,u knw wht? i hve a lot of folio's to do n i dun

get much time to prepare it...

n also with the 'KHIDMAT MASYARAKAT' activty for SIVIK..

my besties n i are in one grup n we've to tolerate with each other to do it..

guess what?we've choose to do the 'CLEAN THE PLAYGROUND' activty..

i dun knw how can we do is the dumbiest things ever!

clean the playground? SORRY,thts not my job darL..!

i hope the kids around there wil not laughing at us soon..

but i guess one of them wil exactly said,

KID : omg,how can they be as stupid as a lamb?
c'mon thres a lot of other things tht they can do..LOL!

err,what a big shy!
in case of that,i wil quickly lower my face down n hide it with my shawl