credit to : Jaehyun
I MISS U...!

I keep on wondering whre r u now,n how r u..

i knw it wil nvr be answered till forever..

all tht time,i nvr ignore of u n trying to push u out from my life

coz i am fade up of looking at ur face evryear..

i dun knw why but u alwys sitting near me in clas evryear..

whther in front of me,on my left side or even on my right side..

mybe that the cause tht make me fade up of u..

but if u were apsent on a day,i felt like i had lost something

on that day n it wil certainly chnge my mood from feeling hepy to bad..

ermm,evryone were started teasing me by..

n when u leave me on 2009,i realise that u r soo imprtnt in my life..

i dun knw how can i go to skul evryday n near me there is no u?

in fact,i wil take my UPSR on tht year..

by that,u make my life spins n my head goes around..

the only guy that make me smile evry single day had left me..

he's gone..he really2 were..i cannot accpt that fact,

it is ridicules for me..

i stil remmber on ur last day of skul,alia gave u a box of colour pencil

as the last present for u,but me? i did nothing!

it is bcoz of my ego..! my ego is too high to do that..

n as a result of that,i regret,i regret bcoz i dun even say gudbye to u..:(

i stil remember,on tht last day of skul,u asked me about a film

cal 9september,u asked whether i watched it last nyte..

then we talked about it together..suddnly one of my frend cal me

n i went to her desk n started talking to each other until

i forget bout our convrsation..

ur face looked sad n i'm sory bout that..

now,i want u to knw that u are a true bestfrend ever n the only

guy that can make me laugh n smile evrytime i look at u..

n that fact wil nvr change..:)