credit to : Jaehyun

Last nyte,

MUM:mimi,get urself prepared for skul tomorrow n ask ur sis n bro get going
for sleep..

ME:yeah,i'm done,syasya,go to sleep now..

but suddenly,

ME:err mum,my room is locked n i couldnt find their keys..

so my mum started to find those keys downstairs,but she couldnt
find it there..

MUM:could u please take my prse downstairs?

my lil bro get it for her..
then she took out a card n started to slash it on my room door..

MUM:i bet tht u should sleep on the nxt door laa..ur dad
wil open ur room door soon..

ME:what? no! i'll nvr sleep on tht room..i'll rather wait for dad
to open it..

so my mum keep on trying to open the door by using hte card
n suddnly,the door r OPENED!!


MUM:wht a relief,owh,the card is teared now..


yeah,so tht was my story,
after all,luvly,luvly room <3