credit to : Jaehyun

hye again guys,

i'm sure u know that the skul holiday is coming..

as a result of that,a lot of homeworks r waiting for me on this holiday

i nvr gonna have a chnce to play n giggle around juz like when i'm 7..


i miss that moment fucking damn much!

it is the time that i'm free to do anything

anything on anyday with anyfreinds..

isnt it fun?

we can do a lot of fun activities together at skul or any place we go..

when i watch my younger brother playing with his frends,i can see how fun

are they,running around n juz waiting for their to scold them by coming home late..

but the moments juz left me by n it is locked in my heart

now,the things are so change,i mean the whole things..

the ski\ul,teachers,friends,seniors,juniors,the freaking out h/w n even the

excitement when i'm thinking of my school lifebheve definitely change..

i'm not a kid that knows nothing except playing anymore..

i'm juz me..

i'm an ordinary teenage school girl that alwys thinks she's the best among the best

evnthough sometimes kinda 'extraordinary' too..

the homework is my 'work'

without homework,mybe i'll be heppy but i stil dont knw to figure it out how my

life will be,it must be a nightmare for me..

sincerely,i nvr hve an ambition

i dont know wht suits me,mybe i'm a doctor,lecturer,businesswoman or dumbly a housewife?

argh! it doesnt matter as long as i juz get along with my studies,try to catch the

'A's for the next coming exm n so on..

for the homework,i dont know what to say bout it

err,thank you mybe?

evnthough i'll be busy during the holidays with such a homework,

i alwys get a chance to open my fb,blog n my new tumblr..

before i forget,please do follow my TUMBLR

then,i'll hit u back n for those who have follow it,i juz wanna say thnk u so much!

so here's the link,


and have a good days ahead.. :)