credit to : Jaehyun

I started to wear 'tudung' on 2009 which i am in year6

since that,i juz simply wear a simple 'tudung' or known as 'tudung ekin'

it is quite popular on that year,but now,

the most popular item for muslimah lady is the shawl

there are so many stylish shawl that had been created n has been sold in the mall

or wherever places that should be..

a lot of people started to wear it now

the style n type of shawl change all the time..

when i looked at the shawl in the mall once,i feel like want to try wear it,

so i bought one..

i bought the black crumple shawl because black can suit any of other colour

and it make it easier for me since my clothes are quite colourful,

i wear it on my way back to my hometown last month n feel it juz so comfortable

for me,so i was like 'I LOVE IT! ,haha :p

the way to wear it are not so complicated,it is simple doesnt need a number of pins,

u juz need one for it..

i keep on finding the tutorial to wear a crumple shawl on youtube n also on the blog

yeah,there are a few different ways to wear it n make it more stylo!

we can also put a ribbon or whatever other cute pin on the right top of

our head,u'll look more cute by that..

ok,i got two idols of wearing shawl n they are so cute n pretty!

the first one is FATIN LIYANA (FL)

i'm sure u know her right?

she's quite popular among the blogger,she's a scarf n shawl model

she is so damn gorgeous n fabulous lady,i adore her ♥


nyot is her nickname n she's 17,

for your information,FL is her idol too,n that makes she wanna be juz like her,

n now she's gorgeous n sweet juz like her idol..

i adore her too ♥

after meet with both of them in the blog n fb,i realise that wearing shawl or

'tudung' are not as ugly as some people thought..

who said that a girl wearing a shawl or 'tudung' are not stunning enough?

as the proof of that,juz look at FL n NYOT,they're much gorgeous n fabulous than

any girl out there..i think they're perfect..

i hope i will be juz like them one day,as gorgeous n fabulous as they are :)