credit to : Jaehyun


i alwys open my fb friends's blog n the main thing tht alwys appear

on their blog is their bf/gf's picture..

sometimes they put their picture or known as a couple pic that alwys been considered

as a 'sweet couple ever' n that makes me feel like wanna ask them a few

questions such as,

is it a great experience by being a bf/gf to someone?

do u expect he/she wil be ur husband/wife one day?

how bout ur parents? does they know bout this?

those questions alwys come out on my mind n those cpule nvr realise wht they doing,

some couples had done a big mistake n as a result of that,

they juz simply dumped their babies at the trash,public toilet n even the mosque

human nvr do that,

even the animals doesnt do that

the babies are innocent!

the case is proven by news,day by day i read it almost evryday on the paper n it

makes me wanna cry..

i hate it! i hate those couples out there that had been doing this all the time

without mercy..

so i hope my friend,eventhough u guys are very busy with ur bf/gf,spend sometime

with ur family n friends

dumping babies is a cruel act

i'm just like u guys,i'm a teenage girl,

i undrstand every single act that u take,

i feel so pity to the innocent babies

they're so cute,adorable n they dont deserve this

how can u did that to them?

where the hell is ur feelings?


argh! just stop doing that,if u are a human,please support me..

i'm begging u :(