credit to : Jaehyun

hye guys,

last sunday,i juz go on with my fav hobby that is 'blogwalking'

so i juz walk,walk n walk on the unknown people's blog,yeah i dont know them

but i juz keep on following them
*their blog are so damn better than mine

then,i had suddenly click on MARIA ELENA's

her posts are quite interesting n yeah,she rocks my world too!~

haha,i'm sure u know that sentence,right?

then i found a post entitled 'With Love'

the title was the one attracts me to read it

if u want to read it too,CLICK HERE

after i read tht,i was wondering who the hell is the 'anonymous'

juz becaouse maria mostly write her posts in english,it still doesnt mean that she

doesnt appreciate our national language that is 'bahasa melayu'

i bet she still somehow speak malay in her daily life

besides,english is the international language n has been use all over the world
until now

i'm sure u know tht blog s not only for malaysians but its a worldwide use

so writing our posts in english is a must actually

but its up to u la as the owner of the blog

when the anonymous said tht maria elena's english n grammar is incorrect

i was like 'kalau kau tu dah tak reti speaking,diam2 jela,tak payah nak sibuk2 pasal org lain punye english'

yea,its true,right?

to me,her english is perfect

but its to me la,i dont know bout your opinion

and the other thing is,i write my posts in english is because i want to learn more about this language

my teacher had once said,'if u are too shame to try,u'll never succeed'

so if i am too shame to try writing my posts in english,then i'll never succeed to lern something

even my english or my grammar are wrong,at least i try to do something than that

anynomous that pretends like he/she knows everything =,=

is that the least thing that u could do?

leaving your accusing n whatsoever comment on other people's blog?

ouh,now tht's what i call a 'bajetpoyohabis kind of people

i really2 hope that u guys out there are not that type of people

i think its all about jealousy,when we're jealous,anything will came out

besides,maria is a pretty young lady n quite popular among the bloggers

i oftenly watch her videos in youtube including the video with her boyfriend 'ASFIRDAUS ASRI'

awww,they are so cute ♥!

a sweet couple,btw..

ok,before i forget,if i had hurt your feelings directly or indirectly,

i am so sorry,i really2 didnt mean it

i'm juz trying to give a good message for u guys to keep on trying your best in whatver things u do

trying is not wrong,right?
*i mean the good things yeah,not the bad one

so thats all,bye for now! :)