credit to : Jaehyun

oh,i dont know why i am so kind today n its make me create a post entitled SHIZYNTOZ's ART

for your information,he is one of my cousins n he asked me to promote his art to u guys,

so i think thts the reason i decided to create this whatsoever post,haha!

i dont know much about this,but wht i knw is its kinda interesting n creative

only those who r creative can do tht i bet,

me myself wil not be able to do such things

ok,thts all i wanna say,for more info,u can click on the link below which is the

SHIZYNTOZ's ART OFFICIAL BLOG to follow him n read about it yourself

u can look at some of the pictures there

besides that,u can add him on his fb if u are interested with his art

thnk you :)