credit to : Jaehyun

starring by :SEMSERIANS
location : SMAP LABU

geez! after years,SEMSE finally now in the list of top5

we got the 4th place in choral speaking

and the most happiest moment,SMK PUTERI got the 3rd place!

SEMSE just right behind them n we know tht one day,we wil succeed n try to catch up

with SMK PUTERI,yeah,it sounds ridiculous,right?

but,i believe,nothing is impossible in this world,anything could happen with the

god bless as the saying goes, 'where theres a will,theres a way'

seriously,both of our teachers looked so impressed with us on tht momentful day

we was the second school to perform on the stage,yet thts thts the reason

we were very nervous

16 schools took part in the competition n we got the 4th place,dont u feel greatful

if u are the one who in charged?

at least,we had gave kak navisha,our cute conductor n the other form4 students

to win as this is the last year they took part in our school choral speaking

only the form1 until form4 students can take part in the competition

aww,we'll be missing u guys nxt year :(

however,kak navisha wil stil training us for nxt year but she wouldnt take part

in the competition

eventhough they're not in charge soon,we'll alwys try to win n get a better place

for nxt year

whether the first,second or third place wil be okay

it wil be hard but it is possible to achieve

for the first time,SEMSE DESERVE TO WIN!

p/s : school is not so bad after all..