credit to : Jaehyun

Ok,the point i make this post is for you!

i felt so bad of myself after reading one of your 'sincere' post you wrote

and yeah,this is a 'sincere' post too

honestly,i never thought that all of my words,actions n feelings toward him had hurt you

i know that sometimes i might too much whenever i saw him

hiriya and wana had say so

and fine,i'll control myself after this

i am so,so,so SORRY because i had hurt your feelings

your wrong,i always know that you like him,u cant lie me,i can see it through your eyes

you really like him,dont cha?

itsokay,there are a lot of girls outhere maybe have the same feelings as you

yea,his cute,i mean if you see him face to face,he will definitely make you MELT!

he's very2 adorable,eventhough sometimes he quite blur but i know that he's innocent :)

ouh,back to you girl,i want you to know,i dont mind if you want to gossiping or watching him like i always did because i'm not his gf!

i'm not! and i know i will never be one!

so,do whatever you want about him

i'll be okay,though

and please dont make me feel bad anymore,i really2 hate that feelings,it sucks!

i just feel like i'm so cruel and maybe even more worst than that

that feeling sometimes make me felt depressed

so please stop doing that!

you're my friend and even one of my gorgeous besties as stated in my wishlist

and i already got that

so i hope that this friendship will last forever

if we want to fight just because of a boy that both of us like

trust me,it doenst worth it

friendship never end but LOVE can end at anytime and anywhere

if you want me to choose whether LOVE or FRIENDSHIP

i will rather choose FRIENDSHIP

dont ask me why,i'm sure u guys know the reason

so girl,i hope you forgive me and stop making me feel bad of myself