credit to : Jaehyun

hey guys!

err,dh lama kot tak buat new post,sorry ea coz busy gile lar!

actually,i juz cam back from a trip to taiping n kuala kangsar,perak

really2 tired n exhausting la..

i skip my school! yeah!

ok,officially this year the trip is called KEMBARA SEMSE but last year it is

so,it's a new name la actually

we went there by bus on saturday and came back on monday

3 buses with 117 students

we spend our night and do some activities at a boarding school that is SEKOLAH MENENGAH DR.BURHANUDDIN

*this is my first time staying in a boarding school and i never forget this!

gosh,i hate boarding school..

i dont know how they can survive there coz it sucks!

the toilet and the room are sooo not my taste

and how can they study with a room like that?

arghh,so sad!

we had visit the zoo taiping,muzium and galeri diraja there

then,the teacher let us free to go whatever shop we wanna go in taiping city

but most of us went to THE STORE

we bought some food and other things too..

the activities are fun enough

eventhough,it makes we felt so damn tired

my group 'GENERASI SIBER' got the 4th place juz like my choral speaking,hee~

but overall,we all had a great and fun experience there

i will remember this moment forever

even if until i finish my school year

and 'tinggal kenangan' song by salem will always in my mind