credit to : Jaehyun

Ok guys,as the title above,i'm sure u guys had watched their wedding in tv,right?

ermm,they quite a perfect match i think

when i watched their wedding,my heart said 'ermm,she so lucky to be a princess coz i'll never be one :('

KATE,you make me feel so jealous of your title now,look who you are,you are a PRINCESS!

being a PRINCESS is every girl's dream

including me! kate's wedding is like a dream to me

an ordinary girl has become a PRINCESS now

just look how lucky she is,hmmph :(

but one day,i dont remember when,i open my tumblr and see a picture that written on it
'i am a PRINCESS.all girls are.even if they life in tiny old attics.even if they dress in rags.even if they arent smart or pretty or young.they're still PRINCESSES!

when i read that,it makes me think that every girl always be a PRINCESS

whether they pretty or not,they're still PRINCESSES!

eventhough they do not really realise that

so,girls,you always be a PRINCESS,you can wear the tiara or a beautiful gown just like diana or kate if you want too

it would make you feel just like them

and yeah,you still have a chance to be a realPRINCESS by marrying PRINCE HARRY,hee~

*ignore it! i'm just kidding,haha!

lastly,i hope PRINCE WILLIAM & PRINCESS KATE will live happily ever after

so thats all my PRINCE & PRINCESSES,like i said,keep on trying,yeah!

have a good day guys,see yaah!