credit to : Jaehyun

yeah SEMSE!

you know what? once wasyi called me n she said that SEMSE had won the first place in man solo singer and kompang while for traditional dance,the second place,i was then smiling alone all through that day,haha!

omg,i almost didnt believe this!

we won against puteri and many other cluster school in seremban!

jue,a friend of mine had to face the reality that her school had loose against us eventhough she was so sad and she then updated her status in fb,saying that she hate that day because her school had loose!

jue,next year never die,dear~
*next year never die? sounds weird,huh?

as a SEMSERIANS,i am so proud with our achievement so far and proud of some great talents that our school have

i know that i will never regret when i first choose SMK SENAWANG as my secondary school

i hope we will win in the 'peringkat negeri' soon

anyway,thanks to all the teachers who had teaching the students all this while and also thanks to the hadworking students who were involved in kompang,man solo singer and traditional dance

i would love to give a big pleasure to you guys for working hard to raise our school name that is SMK SENAWANG or better known as SEMSE

hmmph,ok guys,thats for all this time,ILY SEMSE♥!