credit to : Jaehyun

Regret is the best word to describe everything,
evrything about you

i regret when i first put my hope on you

at first,i just do it for fun but after that,it's getting serious day by day

though,i dont know what i'm actually doing even my besties told me that they didnt really know me anymore

i'm changed
and i'm changing into a negative way

i put aside my teen life principle that is "one is better than two" just because of you

you're the only person that had make me desperate to do that

since that,i'm getting worst day by day

i met him everyday at school eventhough we didnt really talk together

looking at him was enough for me,cause when you smile,i smile

it was like a drug to me,if i didnt saw you in just on a day,i felt like i had missing something and my day doesnt complete

but when i saw you,i was like

yurp,that's true,smiling like crazy

i dont know why,evrytime i saw you,i might going insane

it just happens all the time

geez,i really did like him once

but on a one surprising day,when me and wana was waiting at the canteen for my mum to fetch us home,he walk pass me and then he turns and walk towards me,i was like

yea,who knows he will talk to me? it's like dream come true dude

it really are

when he ask me,i was speechless,my tongue was freezed enough and it doesnt let me to talk

but i'm strong and trying my best to stay calm acting like nothing impossible happens

and in my heart was "naah.he's just an ordinary boy,talk to him babe,just try to talk"

and we talk,but it's just awhile because he was in a rushed to walk with his friend

am i care? as long as i already talk to him,it is more than enough!

i dont regret when it comes to this,haha!

honestly,that is my happiest day in my life and i never forget that awkward moment together

then,the day after that day,as usual,me and wana went to the public phone to call my mum

suddenly,he came from our back and give a big smile to me at the public phone

my eyes almost didnt believe it

it's just cute,you know!

like i said in the older post,he's so adorable and cute

but when i knew everything from her,i regret

regret like hell

then,i'm awake from my 'happiest' dream ever and agreed that love sucks

my teen life principle is true,it never wrong

the wrong comes from me,i was blind with love until i cant think what's good and what's not

at first,yea it hurts but at last,i can suits myself,she deserves him a lot

they can be a sweet couple though

and he likes you but not me

god bless you up babe

lastly,i just wanna say here that teenagers LOVE is not good

because it can change you into a negative way

so think by yourself teenagers,kbye