credit to : Jaehyun

macam yang korang tahu la kan,cuti sekolah dah nak habis,rasa macam sekejap je cuti kali ni *ala,setiap kali cuti aku cakap macamtu =='

but you know what? my h/w isnt finish yet,they're all over me now

i only have today to finish them before school starts

maigod,memang malas gila la nak buat

seriously,dah muak sangat tengok segala bagai kertas tu

pffft,exhausted -,-

i know it's my fault for doing it last minute

one of my facebookers said to me that this holiday makes her feel bored,plus she has no h/w to be done

as soon as she post that on my fb wall,i'm like

like seriously? ok,now i'm asking you guys outhere,do you think that your life will be bored if h/w didnt exist?

my answer is totally no!

i will live happily ever after then,haha! *joking

naah,kalau tak ada h/w,macamana nak pandai,betul tak?

besides,h/w is a must for students

if there is no h/w,baik tak payah pergi sekolah terus,lol

ok guys,i have some h/w to be done now,math and english h/w i thought

so,if you are in the same situation with me,you better go and do it now!

haha,okay,gtg guys,enjoy your school days yea,byeeeeeee :P