credit to : Jaehyun

yesterday,when i was 'tumblring' (a new word create by me),i saw loads and loads of jelena's picture

yea of course,it is thier hawaii vacation picture yet it was taken by the paparazzi from nowhere

maigod,as soon as i saw the pictures i was like

and this too

it is so disgusting! ergh~

anyway,talking about this jelena,i'm sure you guys know that there are some haters and some supporters outhere

honestly,at first i was a hater,but now i've change into a supporter,yeay!

haha,yeah!thanks to my tumblr friends for making me realise that only real belieber will support jelena

i'm a belieber,in fact,i'm a forever belieber so if i continuously hate,hate and hating them,things doenst get right

you have to know what the big meaning of 'belieber'

it's not just a word but it's more than that

it has it own meaning that every beliebers should understand

okay guys,read the meaning below

do you understand now?

beliebers have to support jelena

justin is a human,he's tired and he needs some rest

he also need LOVE just like every of us here

so beliebers,dont you feel happy whenever justin happy with the girl that he loves?

you cant expect to much from him guys,he just an ordinary boy and human just like we are

he had done a lot for his fan beacuse i know if there are no fan there will also no JUSTIN BIEBER

look and read below,guys

see? he loves his beliebers,he loves his fan

so think of him beliebers,think of his happiness

if you hate jelena,it just the same like you hate justin's happiness

just let him be with the girl he loves

so beliebers,what i tried to tell you is,just 'love them the way he loves you as his fan'