credit to : Jaehyun

hey guys!

hows lifeeeeeeeeeee? *keep your answer in your pocket


korang kenal hanis muhidzir tak?

kalau tak kenal,buat-buat kenal je la eah,haha

hari tu aku pegi giant dengan mak and adik-adik aku la kan

i was waiting for my mother at the post office in giant,looking people around me like crazy when i'm bored =='

i looked at the people in the photo shop near the post office and suddenly i saw a black n white handbag just like anis'

at that moment,i just thought that maybe it is only just a girl with a same handbag like her but not her

but when i looked up to see her real face,i was like

it was really-really her!

as soon as i looked at her face,she turned and look mine,then you know what i did i do?

i was pretending talking with my sister to cover it back,haha

she's prettier than when she's in the picture,

yurp,that's the truth

i never expect that we'll meet eventhough she lives in senawang too

and the other day,i wrote on her fb wall that i met her at giant that day

then,the next day,aiman sulhi like that post

i'm like

aiman is a sdarians and i know him through fb just like i know anis

when he like the post,i'm totally blank

read it below

what is the relationship between him and anis?

does he knows her?

why does he like the post without a point?

a few questions came to my mind immediately

i couldnt think and at that time,i'm blank

after a moment,i wrote this and tag his name on that post as you can see above

'aiman sulhi,asal like?

and then he wrote,

'saje huhu,anis tu my cousin,tu je,:p


seramai-ramai orang lain,kenapa aiman sulhi jugak yang jadi cousin dia?

haihh,dunia nie memang kecik betul,it's a small-small world after all

kalau korang terserempak ngan aku kat mana-mana,tegur la,hee~
*macam la korang kenal muka hodoh aku nie kan? hehe

tapi,aku tak kisah pown,tegur je la,i wont bite,trust me,haha :P