credit to : Jaehyun

oh yeah,i really-2 got into a fight with myself now

fighting for what?

hah,that test,that exam,that creepy stress life owns by a girl named NUR SYAMIMI ZAMZURI

you're right,i'm talking about my own life here

the test and exam that makes my head spinning around whenever i think about it is just around the corner!

it is just two weeks from now!

14 days to study everything?

i don't think it's enough

mygod,i'm really in a big trouble

next week is the fasting month

and i have to push evrything in my head when i'm fasting

that's totally increase my pressure !

grrrrr,you know what? i just hate tests and exams badly

oh c'mon,i got a test or exam for almost every month

and now,here it comes~

pfffft,thinking about it is just stress me enough

and for the final exam?

gosh,please let it be for awhile

it's after raya anyway

but for this coming august test,i really have to push myself or else,i'm down

oh geez,totally~

my target for this test?

i don't have one i guess =='

pity me,huh?

hmmmm,gotta go on with my study,guys

do some revision helps a lot

*better safe than sorry*

two weeks more,gotta keep that in mind


if not now,then when?