credit to : Jaehyun

At the first day i saw you in 2004,i knew that we didn't suit together and i'll never be a friend for someone like you

my bad thoughts of you always haunted me

but you know what?

as always,i'm wrong.

eventhough sometimes i knew that i might choose the wrong perception towards you but at the same time another sight of me keep pushing that feeling off

sometimes it was like 'shoo,shoo! Go Away! in my heart

and now,whenever i remember of my past,what is always come to my mind is about you

it's like stuck in the moment,yaa know?

being with you makes my heart full of flowers

i laughed at your bad jokes and i totally missing that big smile you always throw to me once

i just hope that the smile will leave some steps for me but it won't

time when so fast when i'm with you

i always wished for time to slow down when you were there,and when you left me,i always felt i wanted more

i realize that day by day i started to attract everything about you-the way you talked,the words you used,your apparent innocence yet you were filled with a deep knowledge of wise insights and your patient towards me

you always said the right thing even when i didn't want to hear them

i asked you question after questions and you always so open and honest in your answers

i knew that i might made you mad or turn you into a boy you never be before for those stupid questions i love to ask and my annoying actions

but i also knew that you are DIFFERENT from any other boys i ever knew at that time

pffft -,-

until now i guess

oh god,i miss him a lot!

i'll keep my hope and faith in my heart that one day i can meet him

i even don't know where is him now :(

i lost his footsteps after he left me in 2008

3 years slowly gone

leaving me and my faith with a bunch of hope to keep on flowing

sometimes,i asked myself,

why did he was meant to leave me?

did i do anything wrong that or just unacceptable to god?

did i?

if the answer is no then why he left me?

and why i never meant to meet him and then grow our friendship flowers again?

such kind of questions always came up to my mind that remind me of him

but honestly,i am 99% trust that he had forget me years ago

yeah,i have that kind of common sense

i think people will easily forget about their past

plus,we didn't meet for years

hmmmph,what to do?

let god decides everything

and for you my dearest friend,i will never forget about you,trust me

this is the second post i talk about you dude

you're really are special to me until i make this second one for you

you made my day perfect,dude :)


i want you to know that you're the only boy that can make me smile everyday when i'm with you :)

thanks again buddy.

May God Bless You~