credit to : Jaehyun

Assalamualaikum people ;)

hihi,i found this interesting letter from a mother to her daughter in my english form2 textbook *dah akhir tahun baru rajin belek textbook XD
okay,let's read it bebehh,

you ask me,"Do you think i am beautiful,Mum?" I always reply,you are the most beautiful girl in the world,and you would answer,"You only say that because you are my mother." Yes,I am your mother and i know you better than anybody else does.Your long black hair,small almond-shaped eyes,slightly oval face and your nose which you complain is too big,are lovely to me.When you smilr or laugh,you look joyful.And that is beauty.No wonder you are popular among your friends.Your joy comes from the knowledge that Papa and i love you,and the peace that is within you.
Remember ROALD DAHL's 'THE TWITs'? Mrs Twits had quite a nice face when she was young.But over the years,she becam ugly because she had ugly thoughts."You can have a large nose and a crooked mouth and a double-chin,but if you have good thoughts they will shine through and you will alwyas look lovely," says ROALD DAHL.
Some people call this inner beauty.Inner beauty makes other people feel beautiful.Saying thanks to the bus driver makes his driving a more pleasent task.Giving up a seat for a pregnant mother makes her feel appreciated.Little deeds of kindness can only come from one who is at peace with hereslf.
However,being well-dressed and well-groomed are important too.That is how others judge you.It is the picture you show to the world,and although it is superficial,people judge you by your appearence.Moreover,looking good also helps to boost your self-confidence.But,looks alone will not decide your happiness.Women whose self-esteem depends on stying young and beautiful would feel terrible as they grow old.It is the peace in your heart that will give you the strength and confidence to go through difficult times.
So Beautiful,don't worry about that nose.

so,any comment guys?
i think it's a cool stuff to read and pretty interesting too
i always thought that my mum only said those nice words just because i am her daughter
but i also forgot that she knows me better than anybody else does
and yes,i do complain about my big nose sometimes but insyaallah now i won't,HAHA i guess so,lol

this letter have open my eyes widely and it make me feel very thankful to god
dear god,i would love to say,thank you for making every human feel very special about themselves and for sure thank you for everything :')

naah,i don't worry about that nose anymore
hihi,thanks to irene chua for creating such a wonderful letter
thank you again :]