credit to : Jaehyun


yes,me an idiot,seriously.
i regret for the second time.
SZ,why did you do this to me? why me? why not any other girls out there?
why? please,tell me why. *i'm not going to sing archie's song here,don't worry.

i'm just too stupid for putting high hopes on you
and in the end you came back to her
i just know that this would happen one day and yeah now it really happens
and me? what do you think i'm feeling now? *tears*
no,i'm not going to cry.
eventhough my heart is kinda falling into pieces now

at that time,i tried to smile but i just can't
i can't even do a fake smile now,my face looks horrible everytime i look in the mirror
it just sucks you know
i don't know how can i be too stupid when it comes to you
to me,you're perfect but to you,i'm nothing.
nothing more,nothing less.

yeah,it sure hurts.
you play with my heart SZ and that is sooooooooo not cool
no,i'm not your toy.
i thought you are a romantic,sweet and a gentle boy but oh man,my bad,i was wrong!
if he is,he wouldn't play with a girl's heart and then left her just like that, *cough*

try to forget him?
now that's a challenge or what?
i couldn't forget all those cute little moments with you,SZ,it's impossible.
how can i?

dari awal tahun lagi kenangan tu dah ada and aku still ingat semuanye sampai ke hari nie
kalaulah semua moments tu dirakamkan,aku yakin aku akan tengok benda tu berpuluh-puluh kali sampai aku mati

i always thought that you are my prince charming but no you're not
i know that you're handsome,cute,hot or whatever but that is still not a ticket for you to do this to me or any other girls out there

you never know how much it hurts inside
i'll try to forget you from now on however
i can't stand with this pain anymore
and i don't want to be a stupid girl either

ya allah,please give me the strength to go through all of this things
SZ,i maybe will forget you but i swear i won't forget those moments with you.
go on with her,i don't care anymore.
the end.