credit to : Jaehyun

Dear H,

we know each other through facebook
i never meet you and so do you
i'd reject you,and i know i'm cruel
but at last,you want me as your friend,remember?
and now,you're mad
you said i didnt need you,lol who says?
i do need you as a friend,and as a senior you got a lot of school experience to share with
everytime i'm online,the first name i check in the chatbox is you
i dont know why,but maybe it shows that i have a great time chatting with you and i like it,you know?
you're kind,you're a good person instead
the way you talk,it is different from any other guys i've known before
and i think you should know it
you want me to make a post for yaa,remember?
and yeah,this is it.
we can be a good friend thought,i know you're mad cause i said i can't text you everyday
but i do feel bored whenever you didnt text me and lonely too,perhaps.
phone i pun senyap je,rasa nak campak dalam laut,serius.
i have my own reasons for that,and it still doesnt mean that i didnt need you,right?
i know you will leave me as soon as you're going to university just like what my adopt brothers did
but i dont mind,it is what it is,right?
so dear H,think by yourself dude,please dont be mad to me again
you can leave me if you want to,i tak boleh paksa kan?
life is only once,so enjoy yourself,okay? :)
the end.