credit to : Jaehyun
2012,it is what it is.

Assalamualaikum :>
tahun nie saya form 3!
so apa yang penting?
---> PMR
apa yang penting?
---> PMR
*virus pmr sedang melanda,harap maklum*

hmm,azam saya untuk 2012
i want 8A's in my coming soon PMR! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
dan saya seikhlasnya nak mendekatkan diri kepada allah
i mean kalau boleh takmau tinggal-2 solat dengan sengaja lagi,insyaallah.

2012 will be a busy busy year for me though
with school things this and that,extra classes,homeworks,folios,tuitions and so on
plus,i've to study on my own at home
i'm going to die T_____________T
wait,no i won't
i'll try my best to get all through this instead,amin!

the social network= facebook,twitter,tumblr,formspring including blog
what should i do with those things? :O
i doesn't really have time for them anymore,oh poor them :'(

i'm gonna miss you guys,my facebookers,the tweeps,the bloggers and not to be forgotten the stalkers
you all really are awesome people
me love you guys very much! muahhhh :*

i think i'm gonna deactivate my facebook account
i don't know is it for awhile or forever
facebook is getting boring and crazier day by day
it sucks.
it's kinda weird when me,a facebook addicted once are going to deactivate my facebook,how weird is that?

tapi saya sayang twitter,orang-2 disana semua baik-2 and friendly belaka
saya suka! :D muehehehheheh
so saya akan online twitter on weekends,oh yeah~
saya tak tahu sama ada nak deactivate account facebook ataupun tidak -.- huh

apa-apa pun,hari rabu dah start sekolah
i miss my classmates! tsk tsk u__u
so to all 97 batch out there,stay strong,stay healthy and keep on fighting!
yeah,we're cool and we know it!

pray for me,my friends and my family!
i will update my blog whenever i'm free
bye guys,pardon me SZ.