credit to : Jaehyun

Remember SZ? the one that i've been trying to forget all over the time?
but i realize i can't.
i started to like him "again",the way i used to like him before
yeah please laugh out loud,now.
i just however realize that this is his final year in school
next year will be an extra lame year i suppose
without him,without my friends and without all those hot guys *sigh*
a school without cute boys?
erghh how lame -.-

tahun nie je saya dapat tengok dia,lepastu dah tak boleh,omaigoshh macam mana lah hidup saya nanti
LOL me
kenapa lah dia form5 tahun nie,kenapa tak form4 ke form3 ke,kenapa?!! T__T
setakat nie,nothing happens,just i saw him,he saw me
eye to eye,oh yeah~
i just want to talk to him,it would be awesome
oh myy,the first time he talked to me is just asdfghjkl
i'm so speechless,like seriously,he suddenly came to me with his red shirt on making him looked extra hot and then he asked me why i'm not home yet
for the first time ever,he talked to me just like dream came true
then,he sat beside me on that bench,that lucky bench at the school cafeteria
i still remember the way he called my name
it was just soooooooo incredibly called
nobody will ever gonna replace that
awwwh,his smile,perfect.
me,melting,whenever i see that
i pardon you M E L T I N G.
it's funny how i can remember everything about us,those cute little moments
it's funny that i still reread our old conversations in facebook
it's funny on why i love to put high hopes on you
it's funny that sometimes i've been thinking alone,have you ever think about me even just for a sec or do you still remember the first time we talked together
maybe i smiled,but deeply inside
my heart was screaming
it is just like a TEENAGE DREAM that i never thought about before
so this is your final year here
while me,still gotta keep on surviving
2012 is our last year to see each other,perhaps

look below,our first conversation together
i missed this,really-really missing it and i gonna miss it more next year for sure
please don't go to any other girls as long as you're here
cause i hate it,LOL JEALOUS.
i believe in JODOH
jodoh dan ajal di tangan allah
if he is meant to be mine,he'll be or even another guy perhaps
oh yeah future husband LOL
so to you,oh gosh you won't read this dont you?
ahah,that's better!
keep fighting in your spm and your life and i'll fight for mine too
from now on,i will appreciate every single moment with you at school
yes,i will.
the end

did you just realize how many times did i said LOL in this post? naaahhh,i don't care and i'm sure so do you,LOL ahakzz,again!