credit to : Jaehyun

yeah,this is what i've been waiting for
a life without enemies or haters and so on
hidup nie kalau ada musuh mesti takkan gembira,believe me.
ada orang yang musuh keliling pinggang,nauzubillah!
macam mana nak hidup kalau saling mengutuk? sampai kiamat pun tak habis bro~

remember nabila mokhtar?
she used to be my frienemy last year but nowwwwwwwwwww
she started to talk to me,yeay!
eventhough it is short but it is still worth it
this is a good start for 2012
i'm really looking forward for this whole year XD

i am so greatful for this,thank you ALLAH
i believe he had opened her heart for this
i'm about to cry in my maghrib prayer yesterday
i still fail to describe this feeling however
but i know he loves me and will always stay right beside me forever

all this long i pray,pray,pray and keep on praying supaya ALLAH membukakan hatinya selepas apa yang terjadi tahun lepas and finally it happens,just liddat :)
how amazing it was :>

jadi benarlah apa yang dikatakan sebelum nie,doa adalah senjata umat islam
it's true and will always be as long as we remember who is our creator is dan tak lupa diri

oh and btw,i think i should stop calling razin budak masuk air,bendul or whatsoever
mungkin ada hikmah disebalik sikap dia tu
but sometimes he might goes too far by saying 3A students are not honest,arrogant and some other negative attitude

for your information,that is sooooooooooo not us okay! stop saying those stupid things that are not even related with us at all,now that's sucks!

so,i hope this year will flowing smoothly with new teachers,high discipline,PMR and not to be forgotten FRIENDSHIP.
the end.