credit to : Jaehyun

She entered that team which i never thought about before
never ever ever and ever thought bout that
and suddenly poooft it happens!
yeah great,very very very great~

but the question is how did she get the main character instead of the 'cat'?
oh this is so weird! and with the 'J's brother'? he hates her,lol yes -.-
and how will it be? i mean the practice? urgh, damn awkward situation!
but is it possible for them to be friends?
i dont know but i'll find the answer soon

y'know,i'd heard a lot of bad things about SZ
i was like 'is it true?' and 'should i believe it?'
idk,to me he's nice and sweet
but to them? he sucks.
or did he just pretending to be nice and sweet all this while?
he said he missed her but his action didnt shows that,why?
urgh,now i'm so confuse ._____.

the end.