credit to : Jaehyun

i really hate it this time.My test results are a big mess.SUCKS.
i feel terribly ashamed of myself for being so bloody stupid
especially for my science result.From an 'A' into a 'B' that nearly turning into a 'C',how cool is that?
yes,it's not about how many 'As' i have but it is about how come my results are so depressing
now,people start to talk about razin because of his results and attitude.He is sooooooooooo annoying like seriously i don't even know where he came from *sorry for saying this,lol*
forget about razin,i should think about myself more and more day by day.PMR is just like around the corner but me? total preparation=none
and SZ? he's beautiful and will always be but he did nothing.NOTHING
i feel bad,so freaking bad......