credit to : Jaehyun

Assalamualaikum everybody!
Alhamdulillah,we got the 4th place in the choral speaking competition last tuesday at SMK SEREMBAN JAYA
eventhough we deserve to be third,LOL~ georgians as the champion and puterians as the second,ttj as the third
semse still remain the same however.We felt a lil upset tho.The teachers and also the other semserians were all putting high hopes on us before the competition
even tuan haji hamzah said that our choral speaking for this year is the best compared to the last three years.We made a performance during assembly
all the students were like laughing and smiling.i just knew it was great,we all knew it
i've been in this team for 2 years.i can see that our team is getting much better year by year
we sick of kgv,puteri and ACS.They stay consistent every year
if kgv got the first place then puteri will be the 2nd
but this year we beat ACS! i'm not sure what number they got but we beat them! TROLOLOLOLOLO,yes we did! :D
this year is the last year for the seniors,especially kak navisha,our best choral speaking conductor ever!
i can't imagine the team without her . . . .
she's the one who made the script's intonation,the movement and everything
and she's cuteeeeeeeeeee,man i love her :>
and the other seniors arif,afizi,hafiz and all of the akak-akak,oooohhhh gonna miss them!
kak navisha told us that we're the best choral speaking team she ever had,awwhh :*
while you are our best conductor ever! please bear that in mind!
there were 34 of us,if i am not mistaken.We're like a family
joking,laughing,practising everyday until the day of the competition for many years together
it's not easy as it seems.We sacrificed our time,energy and voice for this
4th place was not that bad i guess~ 4th out of 16? it's good enough to me
but yeah we should have win this year,hmm...
maybe 3rd or 2nd next year? without kak navisha and the other seniors? who knows?
we still have the teachers,so why not? :b
but whatever it is,we're still winners,the real winners
thank you teachers and semserians for your support for each year
you guys rocks! xD
and to the seniors,we gonna miss you FOREVER,thank you for everything :)
the end.