credit to : Jaehyun

it's been awhile since the last time i updated my blog,isn't it?
gosh,i'm so busy with my school stuffs,tuition and so is normal i guess.
Ergh,my legs are so in pain right now because of the "merentas desa" practice during PJK
i can't even walk properly -__- i bet the whole class feels the same
ok so now,about my crush
i,somehow think that my crush is going crazy.He did some weird moves in front of the school hall.We watched him,my eyes can't blink,my friends were laughing,including me.
at the same time,i can't believe it's him
wasyi and aina told me that he did that on purpose.LOL you really think i am amazed with your awful bizarre moves? Hah,unfortunately i'm not.I like you just the way you are
i won't like a guy who moving,jumping and hopping here and there just trying to impress people or whatever cause like seriously it looked awful
YOU LAY IN FRONT OF THE SCHOOL HALL!!!!! i swear i never thought you gonna do such thing
my friends were like laughing to death and they were all like "eew,what is he doing?? eew"
i'm just like "idk,maybe he's going crazy or something" i gotta cover you up from being criticized
oh but no worries dear SZ,you will always be my favourite guy,no matter what :)
the end.