credit to : Jaehyun
No one stays.

i've gone through a lot in my life dari kecik sampai besar,there's just so many things that happen throughout my life and i remember each of them
these are what we called as "moments"
Allah itu maha adil,Allah had gave me so many things which i am so grateful about
 i don't have a brother and he gave me one,oh not one but more than one
 i had a few adopt brothers when i was 12 until i'm 13 as well
 diorang semua student sdar,i guess ada lebih dari 5 mungkin
 some of them were trying to drag me into a deeper relationship but no,i don't want to
tapi lepas diorang habis spm,semua dah busy and like i said no one stays.

 and when i'm 14,something 'magical' happens at that time,i really thought that my life had change into some kind of a disney fairytale but nehhhhhhh,it's not and it won't
 first time saya suka dekat crush saya masa form2 lah that 'magical thing' is taktahu macam mana tapi dia boleh tiba-tiba kenal saya
he was like 'awak ni masuk choral speaking kan?' i still remember,masa tu saya baru je log in facebook and tetiba chatbox terbukak dengan sendirinya
rupa-rupanya masa tu dia tengah online dia tanya macamtu like seriously i was so shocked like how the heck can he recognise me? cause we're totally strangers before this y'know then all of the cute little moments started to appear,one by one
 that's why i called it as magic i like him but he didn't even know me and then pooof! it happens,just like what i've been wanted it to be that was so a disney fairytale. . . . .

 and masa 14 jugak,i knew haziq,a guy from facebook i don't even know how on earth it started cause i rarely chat with male strangers on facebook but he was the only exception,how weird :3
 i don't want to involve myself with such things anymore love aren't forever,it'll leave us sooner or later so why take a risk when it doesn't last forever?
none of it ever worth the risk,none of it from now on,"crush" is a meaningless word to me that "crush" thingy is just a dream that never came true,i have to wake myself up

 cukuplah semua benda-benda ni my teenage love story is enough,in fact,it is more than enough i'm really sick of everything,sick of guys and stuff cause in the end,no one gonna stays including your parents,family members,bestfriends and buddies
one day,they'll leave you alone and at that time,only Allah stays
prepare yourself to face that moment,be prepared
 the end.