credit to : Jaehyun
Back to where i belong,school!

Hi and Assalamualaikum!
hari ni hari ahad. . .  lepastu esok dah start sekolah balik. . . what the fish -______-
but yeah i kinda miss my school,teachers and classmates 
long time no see maa~
and and oh my principal! haven't heard your voice in ages,hehe
however...the midyear examinations result are surely will be pass out to us,students.
omaigod.dear results,please be tame.
i can't even imagine what my results gonna look like and feel like and taste like and and and ergh okay kay,calm down mimi
whatever it'll be,it is still my result.i can't change that
hmm,mungkin lepas ni saya dah jarang online
facebook,tumblr,and oh my baby twitter,me lahv you so bad!! <3
dan mungkin saya akan jarang update blog juga :/
i have to focus on my PMR stuff. . .
oh this is like the saddest post ever :'(
pray for me guys,i need your doa.
bye everyone,stay cool and stay awesome!
i'll be back soon! 
the end.