credit to : Jaehyun
Easy come,Easy go.

forgetting someone is not as easy as it seems.maybe it is because i get too attached.i want him,but i also want to get over him.neither of this are happening
i saw you with kills me
i probably look like i don't even care but i actually do.i overthink at night,thinking how things could have been and how things should be.thinking how it would feel to have you here with me.
that memories? it started to fade day by end just as fast as it started.
you walked past me feeling absolutely nothing,showing no face is awkward.i used to be that girl who you smiled to.but now? i mean nothing to you
i want it to happen again,i want to start everything all over again without her
you are full of your ignorance,you hide behind your words,you treat me like a stranger but somehow you always end up on my mind and we were like strangers who knew each other very well
"things go wrong.things don't last.people lose each other" maybe this is what life truly means.