credit to : Jaehyun
PMR 2012

alhamdulillah,i got 8A's in PMR 2012
and so did my bestfriends!!!! 
i'm so proud of you miwaniyana :')
wana,hiriya,aina= straight A's 
wasyi= 5A's
congratulations my qtpies and my 3A's classmates
19 straight A's from smk senawang and it's all from our class!
our hardwork finally paid off
making families and teachers proud are all i've ever wanted
i will stay and will not move to any other boarding school or whatsoever cluster school
semse is alright
pmr's done spm's next!
we're going to make you guys proud once again,just wait
ok lastly,congratulations again semserians. thank you and all the best for next year (: xx